(Hair Stylist & Color Specialist) Tommy started his career 11 years ago. He's been trained at Ruengrit Academy, MOGA and L'Oreal in Bangkok, Thailand. Tommy's strength is in his ability to see the perfect color that will compliment you and your style. Throughout his many en-devours, whether he's doing TV, Print or Runway Tommy has loved every minute of it. His passion for the industry continues to grow as he works not just with color, but haircuts, hairstyles and make-up. Tommy enjoys continuing to grow and some of his hobbies are also fashion and photography. Call or come in and let us book your appointment with Tommy... he'll put a smile on your face.    



  (Hair Stylist & Color Specialist) 

My approach to hair Artistry; is to Convey a look that is suitable and current; Focus on coloring and cutting, always staying true my self and to the Claints needs, Identifying the proper looks weathered its cutting or hair coloring, creating and working together, creating Cohesive look, Paul Michelle train; from extentions to Balayage; highlighting and current trends.



(Blonding Specialist )

 Cece launched her career in the beauty industry in 2002. Intent on honing her talent, she stays up on the latest techniques and continued her education with Unite Academy, Behind the Chair Academy, 901 Academy, and more. Cece’s expertise is as a blonding specialist, where she has mastered the art of helping clients achieve platinum blonde and dimensional blonde coloring, as well as pops of blonde and lived-in, natural hair color. She is also a balayage artist and color corrective specialist with certification in Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Hot Head Tape Extensions, and Babe extensions. Cece has worked extensively in Orange County and Los Angeles. 



 (Hair Stylist)
Elen is a Paul Mitchell graduate with several years of experience in cutting, color, and styling. She works with clients to achieve desired looks and hair goals. Her attention to detail, amazing hair cuts and one of a kind blowouts will make any client feel beautiful. She is dedicated to remain up to date on the latest hair trends along with products and treatment offerings. Her commitment to clients is to provide them with the most pleasurable styling experience. 



 (Master Stylist and Educator)
Anthony was an award winning Master Stylist and Owner of seven Cleveland, Ohio area hair salons with over 100+ stylists employees for over Twenty Years. After years of commuting to Los Angeles he finally moved to California in 2003, from Cleveland. Anthony has lead educational shows and traveled extensively as a Master Stylist and Educator for Major leading Hair Care Manufactures. Editorially was a featured artist in major consumer and industry magazines. Consulted with several professional hair care companies to develop new product skews for their existing product line. 



(Hair Stylist and Colorist)



(Hair Designer and Colorist)

My journey started in 6th grade when my buddie’s parents and mine would give us money for a haircut. However, we had clippers and we would cut each other’s hair then use the money to play Street Fighter II. In high school I got really into color and de-colorizing. I knew it was my passion though I didn’t think it would become a career. In 2001 I became a professional licensed stylist and enjoyed great success for many years. My life has come full circle and brought me to Culture Salon where I intend to begin a new chapter doing what I love to do best! Making people look, and more importantly, feel better about themselves through my relentless commitment to my artistic craft.



(Hair Stylist and Colorist)



 (Nail Care Specialist)
Terri's passion for nail care shows, she's very thorough in her craft, her passion started back in 1980 here in Pasadena and has loved her career as a Nail Care Specialist ever since. She specializes in Acrylics which she files by hand and no drills are used. Her talents with Manicures and Pedicures have left many clients very happy and satisfied. Let us know when you're ready for your Nails to look amazing, Terri is here for you.



 (Nail Care Specialist)
Gloria is a very kind and passionate Nail Care Specialist with over 25 years of experience in the Nail Care industry. She enjoys to do regular Manicures and Pedicures but loves to specialize in Gel and Acrylic Nails. With her caring personality, Gloria strives to meet her clients needs and make them feel very welcomed but also very satisfied by giving them that amazing nail look they are looking for. Gloria is a true Nail Care Specialist. Whether you come in or call for your appointment, you will be delighted by Gloria's work. Let us make your appointment today with Gloria.



(Skin Care Specialist)
Maya is a well trained Skincare specialist with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry.  Specialized in Facials, Waxing, Threading and Henna Tattoo. She has been using Dermalogica products ever since she started to do facials. It's not just about the treatment it's about the experience.