Culture Salon: The Secret to Head Turning Hairstyles

Many of you will probably agree with me when I say that haircuts are a big, stressful deal. Personally, I don’t trust hairstylists with my hair because I constantly hear horror stories about unsatisfied customers who leave the salon with the exact haircut they were trying to avoid. Also, I don’t like to try new things – consistency is key, right… right? – therefore, I have been going to the same hairstylist since I was 3 or 4 years old, or once my mom stopped cutting my hair like a mushroom, and that’s when I finally started to make friends! Just kidding… but not really.

Marco, one of Culture Salon’s founders, developer of the brand, and designer of the aesthetic of the salon, is one of the best hairstylists I know. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “But if you have gone to the same hairstylist since you were 4, how can you compare him to other hairstylists?” Well, I’ve moved quite a bit in my life (all over Southern California, Arkansas, and New Jersey) so I was forced to try new places or else my hair would just be a hot mess minus the hotness.

Marco is an artist who knows exactly what to do with your hair even when you yourself may not know in the moment. There have been plenty of times when I had vocalized what I wanted my hair to look like, but I struggled at the same time because I wasn’t sure how to word it (I tend to struggle with words in everyday normal conversation so you’ll hear a lot of word vomit from me or a lot of “meh’s” because that is what I chose to say when I’m frustrated, but I do far better when it comes to writing), but Marco knew exactly what I wanted.

When my family lived in New Jersey for a bit, we became so sick of constantly trying new hair salons waiting to finally meet that one stylist that just had that special intuition and knowledge on haircuts, and we heard that Marco was going to be in New York City for a weekend for work related events (Marco has always been close to our family, so it wasn’t strange for us to remain in contact with him whilst living in another state across the country). If you truly know my family, you know that we can be a little extra… or a lot of extra. So what do you think we did when we heard of this news? If you neglected to guess it, we had Marco come to our house in Jersey and give us all a fresh cut that was MUCH needed. Even though that was probably 8 or 9 years ago, I remember the day as though it were yesterday. Now I think back to that story and laugh at how ridiculous my family is, but it just goes to show how great Marco’s skills are when it comes to hair.

The staff at Culture Salon is extremely friendly and attentive. They ask immediately if you want coffee, water, magazines, etc. while you wait. Everyone is professional and put together yet welcoming and friendly at the same time. Who knew the those attributes could coincide? – sarcastic jokes everyone (forgive me for my dry sense of humor, I only get a few laughs every once in a blue moon anyway, so don’t feel badly for not laughing). The salon is always spotless and it has a simplistically cool feel/vibe to it. The store is minimalistic in design, which makes it look effortlessly chic and current with the LA trends.

My entire family gets haircuts from Marco because he is the best hairstylist in Southern California (yes, I am bias). He has known me for nearly 15 years, so he knows my personality and likes/dislikes pretty well. It’s always entertaining to see him every so often because I get to tell him what’s new in my life. I consider Marco another older brother to me because he will always mess around and crack a few jokes, but he also gives me life advice when it comes to boys, school, or future careers.

Even if you aren’t searching for a haircut, they have other amenities as well, such as manicures, pedicures, skin treatments, and waxing treatments. No need to make multiple trips to different places for all of those errands because they are all located in one convenient spot. If you have any concerns on who will be in charge of your service, then visit Culture Salon’s website and you’ll be able to read descriptions on the artists and their credentials.

If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, particularly Pasadena, and your hair is maybe a bit dull and needs a change or trim, please look no further than Culture Salon! No matter where I live, I will always make the drive to Marco because I know that I will end up with the result I initially wanted 99 percent of the time. Weeks and even months can pass after I get a haircut from Marco, and I will continue to encounter people that ask me about my haircut or color and where I got it done. Well, now you all know my secret! It’s Marco!